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12 is a London-based multidisciplinary design studio. Our design methodology has strong foundations in research and analysis, with an emphasis on typography. Twelve offers design and development services including print, identity, exhibition and digital applications.

Operating locally, we produce works for international projects across cultural and commercial sectors including galleries, exhibitions and companies.

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Architecture Exchange II
Graphic Design



Shanghai PSoA, An Art Practice into History
Typographic Installation



Architecture Exchange
Book Design



New York London Visiting School, AA
Graphic Design



Goelia Display
Font Design, WiP



Silk & Satin
Identity and Photographic Direction



Architecture Studies 02
Book Design



Daria Martin Website
Developed with A Practice for Everyday Life
Fine Cider Website
Developed with Kellenberger–White
G&E Meats Website
Developed with Kellenberger–White
OK-RM Website
Developed with OK-RM
Create London Website
Developed with Kellenberger–White
SPACE London Website
Developed with Modern Activity
Demos Quarterly Website
Developed with Modern Activity